The ambition of the expanded programme on immunization (EPI) is to ensure that all children in all countries benefited from life-saving vaccines. But with more sophisticated vaccines being distributed, has the demands for the storage condition also been changed. The newer vaccines are more sensitive to temperature shifts and it is therefore crucial that they are kept in the interval prescribed for each vaccine. The vision is to limit the number of discarded vaccines due to maltreatment, this will assure the best utilisation of the resources spent on the programme.

The aim of this project is to make a temperature monitoring system using open-source solutions. Providing autonomous recording of temperature levels within cooling storage facilities, to assure stable and secure conditions for storage of vaccines, in developing countries.

The essentials will be to accommodate the wishes of a simple and highly automated system, with next to none maintenance acquired. Furthermore it will be required that readings can be archived for later analysis and that the device itself can alert potential hazardous temperature levels. Given the low technical competences and computer skills of the health workers in developing countries, it is essential to remain focus on usability of the concept assuring an ease of use solution.


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