System logistics

System_block diagram

System logistic diagram

We have now been working on the project for a couple of weeks and as of now this is how we imagine the system. By using only opensource and easy accessable equipment, we will keep the cost at a minimum and encourage further development and improvements even after the completion of this project. Our goal is to have a working prototype by mid-April, which can be brought with us when we late-April will travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We will then strive  to performe a series of usability tests using the system on scene, to get input from the workers at the storage facilities.

The system consists of 4 sections:

  1. The sensor nodes (JeeNode) within the refrigerated cooling rooms, monitoring mainly temperatures and sending this via wireless radio communication
  2. A Raspberry Pi collecting data from each room at the storage facilities and pushing the data to a remoteserver (cloud).
  3. The cloud will as of now consist of the opensource system OpenEnergiMonitor (EmonCMS), but it is possible that this later will be administrated internally by UNICEF.
  4. Accessing the data remotely, making UNICEF capable to access the data realtime at their offices around the world.

This is the system as we invision it for now, but many elements are still unclear. For the most part the components has been chosen because they are opensource, cheap, accessable and flexible. There are alot of alternatives, for example are we using the JeeNode but the Funky sensor could be a possible alternative ( The JeeNode was chosen for its multiple ports, which allow us to fit in different sensors, which will leave the system more open for alterations.


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