Solution description


Combining the skills acquired over the duration of our bachelor studies, we imagine that this project will include:

Problem Definition and Requirement Specification
Review of the existing / similar devices that are being used in CCL of vaccines and other industries
Conceptualization of alternative solutions
Prototyping and testing of concepts
User testing and heuristic analysis
Concept refinement and finalization

The nature of the work will be in terms of literature review, field studies, sociotechnic analysis(ANT) of the environment surrounding transport and storage of vaccines, conceptualization and various forms of prototyping.

The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a fully functioning prototype using open source platforms like the arduino-platform, with the possibility of testing the device in the field, to further develop and improve the concept. The design process will be documented as a build log in detail, so that the design considerations can be clearly communicated to interested parties and design specifications can be made freely available.


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